Back To School

Leaving the nest and heading to the dorms in a few weeks?
There are probably dozens of tasks swimming through your brain right now, but I bet that one the of most exciting prospects is shopping for your dorm room decor!
Put aside (for a second) thinking about all of the necessities that you're going to need to acquire: text books, meal plans, etc. and think about the possibilities that lie ahead when it comes to decorating your first home away from home?
Back To School Shopping
Start by compiling a list of what you'll need to make sure that your personality is heard loud and clear the second that someone steps into your living quarters:
  • Art prints for your walls: How about going for a nautical theme?
  • Cushions for your friends to sit on when they come to visit
  • Plant life! At least pretend to have a green thumb for the FIRST part of the school year! 
Good luck and knock everyone's scholastic socks off, mini Einstein!!