What To Get Dad for Father's Day

Isn't it weird that everyone seems to make a big stink about Mother's Day (hi mom!), but that dad doesn't get an equally grand parade made about his special day?

Narwhal Screwdriver

Personally, I know that my dad doesn't really want a big fuss made about him....or DOES he? Maybe all of these years he's been secretly seething over the fact that we haven't taken him out for afternoon tea or rented a bouncy castle to celebrate him on said Hallmark holiday? 

If your dad is anything like mine, he's endured years upon years of ties/handkerchiefs/hot sauce themed gifts. Well 2017 is going to be a whole new ballgame, guys!

We've taken the liberty of compiling a few of our top "dad" picks. And if your pops isn't into material things - make sure you give him a ring and let him know how special he is to you. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, DAD!


- Narwhal Screwdriver Kit (pictured), $18.00. Do you have one of those storybook fathers that is always tinkering away in the garage? This 4 driver bit set is sure to garner a giggle or two!

- Dashboard Eyeball Wiggler - $10.00. If dad doesn't already have a hula girl on his dash maybe an eyeball wearing a fez is more his speed?

- Whale Ice Ball Mold - $14.00. Simply fill the silicone mold with water, toss it in the freezer & a few hours later - VOILA! A big ol' ball of ice that is scientifically proven to melt slower than regular ice cubes!