Cryptozoology Tracking Society - Glow in the Dark Tee (Unisex)

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Cryptozoology literally means "the study of hidden animals" - the term was first published in 1959 to describe the study of animals whose existence has not yet been proven.

As a tribute to this peculiar research, Maiden Voyage Clothing has chosen some of Cryptozoology's most well-known cryptids (each within their own illustrated vignette), which are listed below:

• Sasquatch (Big Foot) - Bluff Creek, CA: In homage to one of the most famous Big Foot poses caught on camera.

• Chupacabra - Canóvanas, PR: This blood-sucker's lurking shadow approaches an unsuspecting herd of goats by moonlight.

• Moth Man - Point Pleasant, WV: Soars high above the Silver Bridge (which collapsed in 1967), some believe warning motorists of impending doom.

• Loch Ness - Highland, UK: In classic Loch Ness fashion, only a silhouetted neck and head are visible on this starry night.

• Aliens - Roswell, NM: A UFO on its descent in the desert above a lone cactus- classic.

• Jackalope - N. America: For good measure, a mounted Jackalope head takes it all in.

• "1959" - For those of you that like details, Cryptozoology, as a term, was first published in 1959.

Additionally, the design is complemented by tree branches, oak leaves and acorns, as well as, a banner at the bottom of the design, which declares, "Seeing is Believing."

Their version of the Cryptozoology "Tracking Society" does not really exist - if it did, its members would definitely rock this tee. However, a real society for the study of cryptids does exist. In fact, some cryptids studied by this society, such as the famed giant squid, have been proven true.

• 100% Super-Soft-Vintage-Feel-Cotton black tee
• Fitted cut (check size chart below)

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