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Anatomy of a Sailor Print

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Ever wondered what a sailor was made of?

Much like the anatomy posters of yesteryear, you can see all of the inner workings of the sailor dissected in this illustration. The inks chosen for this design are reminiscent of old educational posters that are worn in from years of use.

It is said that sailors are one with their ship, below you can find all the parts of the vessel found inside this man of the sea:

• Reinforced plated cranium
• Modified sextant ocular cavity
• Celestial light
• Dashing scar
• Dirty mouth
• Five o'clock shadow
• Evolved sense of direction
• Salt water circulatory system
• Cast iron skeletal system
• Knotted stomach
• Cardiac-boiler compartment
• Oak plank rib cage
• Customized outer hull
• Pulley strength system
• Manilla rope muscles

*No sailors were harmed in the making of this design.

• 12" x 18" physical size / 11" x 17" artwork
• 80 lb paper - FSC Certified
• Three-color print
• Printed via old-school offset press method (due to this printing method, each poster is slightly different. Very minor variations/imperfections may be present, but we feel this makes each one special and unique!)

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